Thursday, October 21, 2021

Reminiscing: Naresh Kumar

This is my childhood incident (somewhere in the year 1959-60). I used to stay with my grandparents and my parents used to live in another town.

There were no movie theaters in our town, so we were movies thirsty.

Nearby cities where one could go to theater were about 20 km away from our place.

We had a grain merchant shop and we gents used to sleep outside the shop in the open using charpoys. Our beds used to be laid by 9 pm and every day after meeting friends we could come and sleep but not later than 11 pm and by this time whose charpoy was placed next to us, used to be in sound sleep.

So this was a great opportunity for us to plan for seeing a movie 20 km away in a nearby city. One day myself and my cousin brother who had come on vacation, planned to go to the nearby city for seeing a movie ‘Hum Hindustani’

Informing somebody about our plan could be a great disaster. We had thought that after the midnight show we will coolly come and sleep on our beds and grandfather would not know.

After seeing the movie we came back and found our beds missing including grandfathers. We were at a great sudden shock, that our secret would be out and feared what would happen. For some time we were at a loss of thought thinking that our secret will be out and there would be lot of rebuking.

With great courage we knocked at the shop door and saw grandfather opening the door in Red and Blue mood. He angrily said to my cousin brother, you go to your home right now (2am) and to me to go to my parents immediately followed by a big question “Where were you”?

There was nothing to make any excuse, so we told the truth and asked for pardon! Grandfather was very kind hearted and said, OK but don’t repeat it.

Later on we came to know that it was drizzling, so charpoys were taken inside.

(Those days seeing movies was not looked upon as good.)

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