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Birthday Predictions – 27th March to 2 April 2023 By Chirag Daruwalla

27th March

Ganesha says you may get new job opportunities and you may get what you want very soon. New opportunities to earn money that can be highly promising, but may require you to give your best. Your relationship with your partner can be very good during this period. Children can bring good news for you and you can be proud of their achievements. Investing in a house or land can give you long-term benefits.

28th March

Ganesha says you may get new offers and assignments which can boost your morale and confidence. Property deals can give you good returns and can also help in raising funds. Wedding bells may ring for some at the end of the year, and others may find romance to keep them going. Old patients need to take extra care of their health. Traveling can be done to make important relations and gain money. For some, there are chances of foreign travel or business transactions.

29th March

Ganesha says you may get new ideas and plans to work on your further projects. An excellent year can improve your earning potential and help you establish important relationships. The partner may provide love and care but behave excessively possessively and unpredictably. A trip to some distant place cannot be ruled out at the end of the year. Support from your seniors and colleagues can boost your morale and instill new confidence.

30th March

Ganesha says you may soon get rewards and recognition from your workplace. Your financial condition may also improve and you may feel more secure and satisfied with whatever you do. Family and friends can be with you if needed. Legal matters can get complicated and you should avoid standing guarantees for others, as it can lead to embarrassment and many legal problems. Marital relations may come for you. Pilgrimage and religious activities can bring peace of mind.

31th March

Ganesha says there may be moments when your achievements may exceed your expectations, but most of the time you may have to put in your maximum effort to get the required results. Those who have stood by you till now may continue their support. Relations with your partner can be extremely cordial and on an equal level, but you need to restrain yourself from being too stubborn, which can create uncomfortable moments at home. Romantic relationships can flourish and become strong.

1st April

Ganesha says you can enjoy the best time with your family. You need to focus your maximum efforts on career improvement, as this may yield desired results. You can do very well socially if you travel and join clubs and social events. Some of you are likely to go on a long-distance pilgrimage. Your partner and children may be supportive but the health of your parents may be a matter of concern.

2nd April

Ganesha says you may be on the verge of discovering a new horizon for yourself, something you had only ever dreamed of. You are a productive and profitable resource for your company. You need to be transparent and expressive while facing your blood relatives. This is a favorable time for children to excel in their careers. Your concern about health may soon compel you to join yoga or gym class.

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