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Is coffee good or bad?

Each day I live, I want it to be, a day to give the best of me.  How does this work?

I begin each day with; 

Someone that sends me on a happy trip, 

Someone warm to my touch, 

Someone whose aroma loosens the tension in my shoulders,

Someone who silently gives me more gain and less pain.

Yes that’s what my cuppa morning brew does for me.


Coffee from Coorg 

Coffee from Hawaii Kona

Coffee from Jamaica 

Coffee from Kenya 

Coffee from Tanzania 

The plantations from all over the world send their aroma floating across continents to satiate the souls of many a coffee lover.


Medical research on the other hand has confused the minds of many a brew drinker, enough to send them off on a path of eternal pondering of whether it is good for me or bad for me. 

Frankly, do I really care anymore?

I enjoy my coffee and I’m going to keep it in my life. 

The debate is off.


For the peace of mind of coffee lovers to rid themselves of the daily tug between the heart and the mind, to give up or not to give up the coffee and the trip it sends you on for the sake of health, Let’s measure the health benefits versus the bitter effects.

Health Benefits— (P.S. always begin with the positive side of life)

BRAIN — Researchers say that the compounds in the brews could activate DNA-repairing protein cells, these cells prevent DNA damage, reducing the risk of cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Drinking coffee daily boosts the effects of neurotransmitters involved in cognitive functions. 

Stir up your brain with a cup of coffee.

HEART — Researchers speculate that the antioxidant compounds in coffee might boost activation of nitric oxide, (widens blood vessels, lowering blood pressure) and quell inflammation, that damage arteries. 

It’s the heart of the matter.

LIVER — Continious Research and on going speculation on Caffeine and antioxidants Chlorogenic and Caffeic Acids present in coffee might prevent liver inflammation and inhibit cancer cells as well as cirrhosis or other liver conditions. 

Go ahead and LIV it up.


INSULIN RESISTANCE — Scientists suspect that antioxidant compounds in coffee-Cholorogenic acid and c, may boost cells’ sensitivity to insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar thus lowering the risk of type2 Diabetes. Though studies have found that caffeine tents to blunt the insulin-sensitivity boost, decaf could do the trick. 

Insulate yourself.

Bitter Effects — 

SLEEP — If you’re having trouble sleeping it might help to cut down on caffeinated coffee. Generally it takes about six hours for the caffeine to clear your system, the sleep-robbing effects may worsen as we age. Keep the coffee brewing in the first half of your day.

MISCARRIAGE — Higher intakes could increase risk of miscarriage or even breast-feeding moms should monitor if the coffee you drink is causing irritability in your child.

LDL CHOLESTEROL — Boiled or unfiltered coffee (French press or Turkish-style coffee) contains higher levels of Cafestol, a compound that can increase blood levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Choose filtered methods instead.

IRRITABILITY OR ANXIETY — Chemically, caffeine looks a lot like adenosine, a “slow-down” brain chemical associated with sleep and relaxation of blood vessels. Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors on nerve cells, leaving no room for adenosine to get in-so nerve cell activity speeds up, blood vessels constrict and you get a caffeine buzz, irritable jitters or anxiety.

“Lately more and more studies are reporting real health benefits for coffee drinkers-but they must be balanced against the brew’s possible bitter effects, especially in higher, caffeinated doses. An ideal “dose” of your favourite brew is around two to four cups (8oz).” Joe Vinson, Ph.D., a coffee expert at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

When it comes to being healthy, people absolutely love sharing what you should “do” or what you should “stop”, that too with authority on the subject, when life in general is subjective.

I am guilty of the same. A nagging wife who says, avoid red meat but goes right ahead for a sugar fix after every meal and a cuppa coffee to give it a ‘cherry on the top” kind of finish.

Let’s be real, Science and Research do mean well, but are we allowing it to decide whether I fix a coffee date or pop the kettle on for my fix of the day? 

Hey, smoking is injurious, sunburn is not exactly good for the skin nor is a sugar buzz good for your health. 

Face it, nobody is giving up what they enjoy. The key is balance; find your MOJO, the right amount that will keep your joy without allowing it to cause ill health.

You are the boss of your body, what you put in it and how it makes you feel is PRIMA, others personal preferences, priorities and constitutions are not involved.

So go ahead and savor your brew, right from opening the packet, taking a good sniff, listening to your inspirational podcast while the kettle is boiling to the first sip. Awaken your senses.


There is a wide variety out there; permutations and combinations always leave coffee lover’s wanting for more,



An Espresso, a Cappuccino, a Macchiato, Moccha or Affagato from Italy, 


A Mazagran from Algeria, German Eiscaffee, or unfiltered Turkish coffee, to tell your fortune.

Could also be;

Americano which originated in Latin America, Irelands Irish Coffee, Greece’s Frappe’ or Ethopia’s Spreeze.

Breve is America’s Espresso with half-and-half, while France’s Café au Lait is Flat White Coffee in Australia-New Zealand. 

And finally; 

From the land of tea we have Yuan Yang Coffee from Hong Kong-China, actually a mixture of coffee and tea which can be had hot or cold.


Like billions of people, I love my coffee, making it for yourself is a personal choice to hit the right spot of your senses, the taste, the smell, the caffeine kick, the ritual, each aspect counts.

A simple pleasure that says a lot,

A marker, that I’m ready for the day.

Let nobody steal your thunder, from your beloved morning brew or midday pick me up.

Enjoy your coffee in peace.



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Let’s do Coffee

Vinita Alvares Fernandes
Vinita Alvares Fernandes is an Economics graduate, a writer and a Trinity College certified public speaker and communicator

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