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5 Morning Rituals for Better Living

What you do in the morning sets the tone of your day

A morning ritual is an act that is done to add value to life, to begin the day with a clear mind. Rituals such as – meditation, journaling, allotting time for gratitude, sipping a hot beverage, some light exercise, planning your day, and a mindful breakfast. It is observed, what you do in the morning and how you do it, has a great impact on your mood as well as your day. Morning rituals enhance self-discipline, improves spirituality, boosts productivity, maximizes your time, make you mentally balanced, and prevents stress from affecting you. Any routine can be transformed into a ritual with the correct attitude and approach.

Routine VS Ritual
·         Routine requires minimal engagement. It is usually done with an attitude of getting done with. ·         Ritual requires full engagement. It cannot be rushed instead one performs it mindfully.
·         Routine is externally motivated and performed with little meaning. ·         Ritual is internally motivated and performed meaningfully.
·         It is perceived as a duty. ·         It is perceived as a celebration.

Here are the 5-morning rituals to make your day better.

  1. Meditation – It is uncomfortable to just hop out of the bed and sit to meditate. There is a high possibility of you dozing off while trying to meditate. The best way is to first wake your system up with a cup of green tea or a glass of warm water with lemon & honey or any beverage of your choice. Mindfully sip on your beverage and appreciate all the good in your life. Once you are up, find the best spot in your home where there is some morning light falling. Sit in a comfortable position and meditate for 10-15 minutes every morning.
  1. Light exercise – The human body is designed to be active. Kick start your day with some activity that you enjoy the most. The idea here is to do the exercise at a comfortable pace and enjoy it. It shouldn’t be tedious, it should be a fun morning activity. Exercise improves your overall wellbeing. When you exercise regularly you tend to be more alert, happy and productive.
  1. Mindful Breakfast – The first meal of the day is very important. Prepare a breakfast menu for a week, this way you won’t spend much time thinking about what to eat. A menu will give you enough time to prepare your breakfast with a calm mind and good energy. Food prepared while feeling good has an energy oomph than the food prepared in a hurry. Enjoy every bite of your breakfast mindfully rather than rushing into finishing the food.
  1. Plan your day – Write down the top three priorities of the day. Planning your day adds a structure and helps you get things done on time. When you write it down it helps you maximize your time through the day.
  1. Gratitude journal – Writing down your thoughts will make you feel positive and motivate you to look on the brighter side. Every morning allot 5-7 minutes to write about things you are grateful for. It may seem what can one be grateful for every day, but if you look at your surroundings mindfully you will find so many things to be grateful for. This will help you focus on the good rather than focusing on the bad.

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