Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Reminiscing: S Kumar

I am grateful to team members of the Seniors Today programme, who chose me to participate in Season 4, group B. I am also thankful to all my family and friends who encouraged me and all viewers who liked my video on YouTube. I would love to take part in your forthcoming programmes to show my talent, it is not that important to win, your program is encouraging seniors to show their talent. I wish all the team members to bring more such events.

My ancestors are from Southern India, however, my parents migrated to Pune and then to Jabalpur long ago.  I was born in Pune and brought up in Jabalpur, M. P. Jabalpur is a very beautiful town, in Central MP, surrounded by Vindyachal Mountains. It is famous for Bhedaghat marble rocks. Bhedaghat is a gorge with marble rocks on both sides and river Narmada flowing in between. Many film songs were pictured there, especially ‘Oh Basanti’ song in film ‘Jis Desh Me Ganga Behathi Hai’. The most recent one was Asoka.

I worked for 37 years at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. It is a central government establishment, manufacturing vehicles for defence forces. I am passionate about singing since my childhood. I am staunch admirer of Mohd. Rafi saab. He is my Guru and I love to sing his songs only. I have learnt the art of singing just by listening to his songs.

Being from a small town there were many challenges in continuing my passion for singing. However, my family and friends and above all God provided me the strength to continue my passion. I have performed at various events in my organization and in and around Jabalpur. In 2014, I took part in Doordarshan in a show called ‘Mere Awaaz Suno’ in Delhi.

 I am 70 years old and well settled in life. Even though I don’t sing much these days, I still love to listen to Rafi saab’s songs. At times, I do perform at events organized at our residential complex. I thank Senior Today again for giving me an opportunity to showcase my talent.


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