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Sex Myths with Seniors

New Research Dispels Sex Myths About Older People. Love and lust do not retire at a certain age; people are reinventing themselves to experience sexuality on their terms by talking freely about it.

The belief that intimacy diminishes in older adults could actually be an age-old myth. Love and lust do not retire at a certain age; people are reinventing themselves to experience sexuality on their terms by talking freely about it.

Let go of what sex used to be and try something new.

The two most important biological functions of humans are sex and eating. I would put eating before sex as one definitely needs the energy for sex.

Retirement does offer us the time to do the things we have put off for years, children have their own lives, work deadlines at bay, no rushed mornings, its time to rekindle love.

“Did you ever get an anonymous love letter?

Did you ever take the night flight just to taste a kiss?

Did you hold someone so close that you felt like ONE?

Did you ever hold someone’s hand and not let go?

Did you hold anyone in your arms without asking if you can?

Did you ever learn to speak with your eyes?

Did you interpret your lover’s silence?

Did someone run into your arms just for joy?

Did you make that one single person feel beautiful?

Did your heart break holding someone else’s pain?

Did you ever dare to love again in spite of a broken heart?” — freddy_birdy


Now close your eyes gently and answer all the “Did you?”

It’s time to bring back those memories of the twenties, thirties and forties.

Although the love and passion you felt then is not the same as you will feel now, the experience is the same but in a different way.

Its also time to break away from the classic formula of sex=penetrative sex.

Make it a journey of finding out what works for you now.

The arousal, the orgasms, the delight.


Sharing the bed with a long time partner has its share of advantages,

the comfort level you feel,  makes sex more pleasurable and natural. Your appearance does not matter as much, you know your body better than ever before which gives you the self-confidence to communicate to your partner what you wish for and find most satiating, now that’s something you may never have done in your younger days. Penetration is not the ultimate goal, as you no longer find what you found attractive in your younger days. The frequency for sex may go down but the quality goes up, making the act between the sheets, under the sheets or over the sheets more pleasurable than ever before.

The human body is so beautifully designed, it responds to touch at any age.

Secret diaries of an older adult —


Sex Myths with Seniors is the key to arousal in older adults, a kiss on the forehead, candle light dinner on the kitchen counter, terms of endearment, a word of praise or a cheeky text message can set you up for a romantic night ahead. Affection goes a long way.

Create a mood for love, A delicious meal not too heavy for sure, (remember the tip about sex on an empty stomach) keep some food for after sex, it’s a lovely wind down. After dinner, create the mood around dessert, feeding each other, some romantic music which you can sing and close dance to that finally leads you hand in hand to the couch or bedroom, change venues regularly. Mood is everything.

Variety is the spice of life, it always has been and always will be, explore the boogie woogie stuff available, go online together on a virtual tour of a sex toy shop, you may want one specific for older adults. Watch porn together if it appeals or a love story movie in some sexy clothing. Open up a new world for both of you, you may die laughing in bed, having a ball.

Communicate, surprise messages through the day, not the regular supermarket shopping type, more of humour, lusty talk or compliments on your favorite body parts like the beauty spot, the salt and pepper stubble, a bit of dirty, raunchy talk at break fast, lunch or dinner. Express what you enjoyed most from a previous love making session then ask for repeat performances. If you don’t ask, it won’t happen. Talk about your fetishes and fantasies, one at a time; make up a dream to communicate your desires if you can’t speak about it directly. Watch for your partner’s reaction then try it out. This approach really works.

They say, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart is through multiple orgasms.’


From a woman’s point of view —

Sexual desire for many women increase in their forties, fifties, sixties, maybe even more. They know what they enjoy and have the confidence to speak about it. It calms them down, improves their mood swings, most prefer a generous portion of foreplay, make it fun and varied, signature dish outs are not invited. If you are getting toys to assist, size does matter. Due to menopause, vaginal dryness is common making non-penetrative activities more satisfying. Oral sex is the way to multiple orgasms followed by cuddling and body warmth with a bit of sweet conversation thrown in for a grand finale. Abrupt ending to the act are a big No, No. So men expand your sexual repertoire that will hold you in good stead for the long run.

 From a man’s point of view —

Older men do take longer to become aroused, they never tire of oral sex and expect you to know that, new positions, fanning fetishes instantly uplifts their mood, busts stress and calms them down. (This is the right time to ask them for anything) Though not the best communicators, the sound effects speak volumes. They are easy to please and don’t care much about their orgasms, cause it’s inevitable. Never forget to compliment the love making, it will guarantee happiness. You will be the subject of his poem and your body his Google map.


If sex can be treated like fine wine, 

which is endowed with a finesse as we age, 

We are all in for a big treat. 

The Equation: renewed zing in your sex life = quality of life.


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