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The Seniors Kitchen: Healthy Broccoli and Peas Recipe

A recipe that’s easy on the tummy and intensely nourishing. And lest we forget to add, super tasty!


Broccoli (250 gm) 

Peas (1 Small bowl) 



Chopped Garlic 

Spring Onion 

One teaspoon Salt 

One teaspoon Black Pepper 

Half a cup of coriander



  • In a pre-heated pan add one jug of water and cover it till the water starts boiling
  • Once the water is boiling add the Broccoli & Peas and let it boil 
  • Prepare a bowl of cold ice water, once the Broccoli and Peas are cooked remove the lid and transfer the Broccoli & Peas to the ice water
  • Let the Broccoli & Peas cool down properly
  • For the next step pre-heated pan and add half cup Oil now add one teaspoon Butter and mix it well
  • Once the Butter is fully melted add three teaspoons chopped Garlic and keep mixing so that the Garlic does not get burn 
  • Once you can smell the Garlic add half a cup of white of the Spring Onion and give it a good mix. When the Spring Onion is cooked add in the green of the Spring Onion and stir it 
  • Once the Spring Onions are nicely cooked add in the boiled Peas and give it a good mix. Now add in the boiled Broccoli and coat it nicely
  • Now add one teaspoon Salt, one teaspoon Black Pepper and half a cup of coriander. 
  • Remove it in a bowl, and there you have it Broccoli & Peas in Butter & Spring Onion
  • Serve hot

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