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Benefits of Exercising In Groups

Have you ever wondered why your doctors, mothers, nutritionists, neighbours, relatives or the internet constantly tell you to exercise?

No guesses for the correct answer, it’s because it is good for you.

No matter what kind of exercise you gravitate toward, always stay active.

Exercise and movement is good for you-period. If you like to exercise alone (by choice or by chance), you might be missing out on some health benefits from group workouts which can give you an extra boost that you might need for sustainability.

The benefits of group exercising is undeniable. When it comes to enhancing your fitness and overall health, group exercising can go a long way in contributing positively to your journey.

We see and experience the many benefits of group exercise —

Encouragement and motivation —

The energy in a group workout session is palpable. The adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in that environment can motivate you like no other. A group exercise class offers more encouragement than working out in a solo environment. There’s nothing more motivating than being surrounded by others who share one common goal of trying their hardest and doing their best. This day-in and day-out motivating environment allows you to reach new heights and perform like  never before.

Improves self-esteem and confidence —

Working out with people can improve your confidence and boost your self esteem. It gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the class. Over time, you will progress and endurance is a sure way to make you feel uplifted.

Work out safely with the help and guidance of experts —

A group exercise class adds structure to your workout. With the help of a professionally trained instructor you do proper warm-ups, cool downs and movements with the correct form that protect your body and help you avoid an injury.  Experts can make exercising less intimidating as well. Having an instructor present gives you a sense of security to try new things, knowing that someone is there to help you if you struggle.

It’s fun —

The team spirit and energy of exercising in a group is simply put… fun!

Allows you to focus on a shared goal —

Everyone in the group class has come there for one goal- to exercise. Group classes push you to perform and encourage you to achieve your goal in order to set a higher goal.

Everyone is welcome —

When participating in group exercise, look around you. You’ll see people of different abilities and capabilities which are extremely motivating and useful. Having this variety in abilities contributes to the many benefits.

The chance to meet new people —

Group exercising is a fantastic way to meet new people, especially new, like minded people who all share a common interest – working out. The social aspect of group exercising can help you forge friendships that extend out of the gym. Who knows, your new besties might be waiting for you at the Zumba class around the corner. Not to forget the after class bonding over drinks and dinner.

Reduces stress and boosts your endorphins —

A big mental benefit of group exercise is that it reduces stress. Our stress levels can be hard to manage but working out can take your mind off everything else and reduce your stress. Especially if you have people around you to motivate, uplift and distract you from whatever is causing your stress. Not to mention the surge of endorphins released during a good workout! Who doesn’t love endorphins? The happy hormones enhance the benefits of your exercise and allow you to leave your exercise class with a fitness and happiness boost.

Holds you accountable —

Greater accountability means higher attendance. Temptation to skip your workout can get the better of you, especially if you only have yourself to answer to. Being part of a workout class holds you accountable. Opting out is not an easy option. Your chances of skipping out of exercise decrease when you’re held accountable and ensures regular physical exercise. You forget to find excuses to put off working out and you show up!

Reduces feelings of loneliness —

Loneliness is a common issue among older people. Exercising in a group allows you to meet new people, interact with other people, make new friends and even get some physical activity in. It’s a win all around. Group exercising is a great way to lift your mood  which can help reduce negative thoughts and loneliness.

Before you go…

So, there we have it. Exercising with people (even if they are strangers) is a wonderfully beneficial way to stay active. As you can see there are plenty of mental, social and physical benefits of working out in a group. Once you find the activity you love, be it walking, going to the gym, a dance class, yoga class or pilates the benefits you will gain are umpteen.

Vinita Alvares Fernandes
Vinita Alvares Fernandes is an Economics graduate, a writer and a Trinity College certified public speaker and communicator

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