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Profee (Protein & Coffee): The new health trend brewing

The social media community has its people tooting about “PROFFEE”, a blend of coffee and protein, this new concoction has been gaining popularity by leaps and bounds especially with the milleniums. 

As older adults we do tend to get stuck with our likes and dislikes, often not flexible enough to try out new foods or other inventions. Lets not get so complecent with life and be open minded enough to atleast try out all the new stuff that is trending. There is a whole world out there which may prove to be benificial for your health.    


 Are you ready to learn all about protein coffee? PROFFEE —Read away!


How is PROFFEE made?

Coffee is the base of PROFFEE. You can make this delicious drink using a few different brews of coffee; one or two shots of espresso, cold brew coffee, french press coffee or pour over coffee. This coffee recipe uses protein, usually, protein shake powder is used because protein shakes are ready to drink, have multiple flavours (coffee, mocha, chocolate, caramel, vanilla) make the taste good, so using them to flavour your coffee is a great alternative to sugar and creamers, but you can also use a protein powder. 


Why are people drinking PROFFEE?

Some of the most talked about benefits of PROFFEE are improved energy, focus, performance, added protein intake and it even aid in weight loss. 

It is best used when you’ve gotten home from that morning workout or when you are just starting your day with a steaming cup of coffee.


The health value of coffee and the benefits of adding protein —

Coffee has plenty of perks obviously when consumed in moderate amounts. 

  • It’s a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients. 
  • The caffeine kick from coffee provides a certain jolt of energy, which can improve your endurance, performance, memory and mood. 
  • It has major health effects like a decrease in the risk of type 2 diabetes, neurological diseases, liver disease, depression and even cancer. 

Every coffee connoisseur knows not to over do it! 


Every living creature needs a daily intake of protein to function.

  • Protein is a macronutrient, it helps keep you full and gives you more energy to get through your day. 
  • Protein breaks down into amino acids, the building blocks of every cell in your body.  
  • You need protein to build and repair lean muscle and keep your body strong. 
  • Putting protein in your belly to start the day can help curb hunger throughout the day. This could possibly help  with weight management in a big way and it also charge up your metabolism to burn more calories.

A morning dose of protein can help launch you into the day, especially when combined with the caffeine kick in coffee. So when you combine the benefits of Coffee and Protein, you get PROFFEE, a win win drink. 

Why not add it to your mornings? 


Downsides of PROFFEE —

-It all depends on how you make it. If your cup of PROFFEE is a calorie bomb, full of super-sweet flavored syrups and drizzles, it will do you more harm than good. You might even end up on an overdose of sugar intake for the day and we all know that consuming too much sugar is deadly. 

-Another thing you must keep in mind is that not every protein powder or shake is created equally. Some protein powders are often made with low-quality ingredients and preservatives, so don’t throw just any protein into your coffee. Use a scoop of high-quality whey powder or pea powder. Be sure to read the labels of the protein powder you use and do your research. Always be mindful of what you put into your body.

-If you throw back PROFFEES all day like its going out of style, you can expect the caffeine jitters to kick in sooner rather than later. This might make you even increase your anxiety and ruin your sleep cycle. 

-Test your tolerance to PROFFEE before knocking back gallons of it a day. You might be allergic to this food combination and cause gastrointestinal tract issues if you aren’t careful. 

Just like everything in life, trial, error and moderation should be your mantra. 

Other views—

Can PROFFEE really aid with weight loss?

Weight loss is one of the most commonly discussed benefits of PROFFEE. But lets bust this myth right here right now — PROFFEE is not a miracle weight-loss drink. 

There is some evidence that the combination of caffeine and protein can aid in weight management but it is not a guaranteed way to lose weight. 


Health experts take on PROFFEE —

PROFFEE is a recent TikTok trend causing a stir among experts. People are swearing by its benefits, including weight loss. But do the health claims really shake out? Experts have offered mixed reviews on these claims.

There’s a lot to like about the combination. If done right, this power-packed drink might cut some sugary goop from your diet (opt for sugar free or natural taste protein powders) while also boosting protein intake. Although some dieticians and nutritionists say there are better ways to add caffeine and protein to your diet, experts say PROFFEE isn’t completely off the table, but it shouldn’t be considered a meal replacement or your primary source of protein. And it most definitely isn’t something to replace your natural sources of plant or animal protein. 


The consensus — 

It’s safe to say that we must approach the topic of PROFFEE with a pinch of salt (not literally). 

PROFFEE is one way to add more protein to your diet but it shouldn’t be your only source of protein.

PROFFEE isn’t all bad, if done right, it can definately help in initial weight loss and weight maintainence.

Let’s give the millennials some credit on this one. 

PROFFEE is an healthy energy boost and maybe a magical solution you didn’t know you needed. 

So go ahead and give it a try. 

Work your way out of a mundane food routine and add some PROFFEE to your life.


Vinita Alvares Fernandes
Vinita Alvares Fernandes is an Economics graduate, a writer and a Trinity College certified public speaker and communicator

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