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3 Steps to Improve Your Fitness Level

How to use walking techniques that are easy and effective to improve your fitness level

Walking is the easiest form of exercise that has the ability to improve your active lifestyle. It is a low impact workout that can help you build a strong base to exercise better. If you haven’t workout out for long, then aim to get at least 30 minutes of walking 2-3 times a week. 

Here are three steps to improve your fitness level:

Step #1

Always begin with warm up – Before doing any kind of exercise warming up is crucial. Warming up helps prepare the body for the workout by kickstarting your metabolism and loosening your muscles. For walking exercise, one warms up by setting off on the walk and spending the first 5-10 minutes walking with a steady pace and gradually working up on the speed. 

Step #2

Try to speed up your pace – Once you are regular with your walks and have gained a certain pace, it might be the time to speed up that pace a little more. If you want to better your fitness level and burn calories as you walk, try to increase your brisk pace steadily. Regular walking will give you an optimal result and help build core strength.  

To achieve the most out of walking Keep your core tight and move your arms, this will help you increase your speed, and the exercise will be enough to help you perspire. Once you have gained a good brisk pace you can then try to switch to a light jog.

Step #3

Challenge yourself with interval training – Walking can provide you with numerous health benefits. As you pace up and gradually switch to jogs. You can opt for interval training – exercises that alternate between low impact workouts and high impact workouts. This technique is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, build muscles and fitness level. 

As you practice, your fitness level will improve and then you can try walking on a hillier path near you, as a challenge to test your fitness improvement. One does not need to be fast, take your time, build the strength slowly and try to reach the top if you can. If your fitness level is quite good, then try to walk as fast as you can without stopping or slowing down.

Feeling motivated to keep up with your exercise regime may seem difficult but if you make your mind it becomes easier to stay active. Here are some tips that will help you stay active.

Have fun when you are exercising – Exercise is meant to be challenging, but with practice it becomes easier and that is when one begins to enjoy the workout routine. So, try to spruce up the way you exercise. If going on a nature trail excites you, then go for a nature walking trail with your friends, or take up sports that makes you feel excited. You can get together with your friends once, may be twice in a week for a fun session of play instead of catching up over coffee.

Skip the lift, take the stairs – If you are not suffering from any kind of inflammation, try taking stairs instead of the elevator. Walking the stairs is one of the effective ways to get cardio workout done. 

Take breaks from sitting – A sedentary lifestyle can cause a lot of health conditions. So, it becomes essential that you take a break every hour to move around and ditch your seat. Make these breaks into pockets of stretching sessions. Stretch your muscles and walk 100 steps around in the house for some blood circulation. 

Engage in housework – When was the last time your decluttered your home? You can do a seasonal swipe of your home. Cleaning and decluttering are an easy exercise that boosts positivity and helps keep you stay active. So, put on some music, grab a box, and get moving with some housework and organising. This physical activity will get your heart rate up while you get some work done. 

Get your hands dirty in the garden – All dynamic movement is a form of exercise. Digging the pot, pruning your plant, clearing your garden area, cleaning windows, or potting a plant – all these activities get your muscles moving and helps burn your body fat. Doing all these work at home by yourself will save you money as well as get you the much need exercise.

Walking, moving around and staying active does wonders to your health and fitness level. For many seniors walking would be the easiest and convenient form of getting their daily exercise. While it is a great low impact exercise, it is also a great way to start your fitness journey. 

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