Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Get Back Up!

Like a boxing match, every time you have an excuse not to exercise, you get knocked down, you are exhausted, you want to give up (your opponents)… get back up and knock your opponents down.

Ever seen a boxing match? 

The winner is not always the one who is knocked down in the first round but rather the one who gets up each time he falls and the ability to eventually knock down the opponent.

This is exactly what the exercise boxing match every human experiences. The exercise yo-yo.

Everyone knows the health benefits of staying physically active. I really do not want to go into the details of how it keeps illness at bay, we already know the spiel on that. For some people structured exercising is second nature but it can be a chore for many too.

Like a boxing match, every time you have an excuse not to exercise, you get knocked down, you are exhausted, you want to give up (your opponents)… get back up and knock your opponents down.



You have just got home from work all too tired, you can only think of a hot cup of tea and something to munch. Getting out of work clothes and getting into workout clothes instead of your boxer-tee could be frustrating.

Solution: Don’t sit down, quickly change, fill your water bottle and get into action. Twenty minutes is all you need, to get the fat to start burning, endorphins to do the happy trick and before you know it you will feel the tiredness vanish. Remember getting started is half done. 



You have back-to-back meetings all day, your baby is having a “stick to mommy day” and your house help does not show up. Where’s the time to exercise?

Solution: Hey, life happens, you will have some agenda every single day, “Thou shall not make that an excuse not to exercise,” the slot is fixed, make it your ‘me’ time, trust me you will handle everything with a renewed calm after your exercise routine.



I wear the same six sets of gym wear every week, run down the same street, in the same direction, say ‘hi” to the same people or do the same strength training routine. Sounds so damn boring and guess what so damn boring it is!

Solution: Chalk out a time table with varied exercise routines – yoga, swimming, jogging, interval training of walk-run-walk or if you don’t want to leave the house, rock it with music. All amount to exercising, get spoilt for choice and you will never be bored. P.S. Catching up with a friend for a workout is also a great idea.



You have been exercising for years on end and not lost any weight, it is so frustrating, you feel like giving up.

Solution: Remember the reason for exercise is to stay in good health. Weight loss is a side effect of which results are 30% and diet 70%. Eating instead of walking will worsen your condition and leave you sad and depressed. Never give up exercising.



I can’t afford a gym so could I take the monsoon off? That has got to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

Solution: There are enough of free workouts online, keeping active is much more than just the gym. If outdoors does not work on rainy days, walk up and down your building stairs or spot walking is a great idea. Just do it!


Case-6- A minor injury? So, you’ve got a bad knee, or have pulled a leg muscle. There’s nothing wrong with your arms though, is there?

Solution: Don’t use it as an excuse, work around it. Shorter duration, use healthy body parts, ask your doctor, often you may find you get better quicker. 

Slow it down but don’t stop, I say.


With infectious diseases taking a toll on life. Heart disease, Diabetes, cancer, Anxiety, Depression, Stress all on the increase, exercising is a free gift to combat, stagger or send disease into remission.

Latest studies found: 150 minutes a week of physical activity can have a massive impact on immunity, reducing fatalities by 37 per cent, the danger of catching infectious diseases by 31 per cent and even boosting the effectiveness of vaccines by up to 40 per cent.


Knock those excuses on the head,

Knock down the opponents,

And be the winner of the worlds best Boxing Match!

Vinita Alvares Fernandes
Vinita Alvares Fernandes is an Economics graduate, a writer and a Trinity College certified public speaker and communicator

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  1. Nice article. Thanks for the tips. Would be even better if some scientific references can be linked with the claims. Just my 2 cents. Namaste!


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