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5 Lifestyle Mistakes that Slow-down your Metabolism

High metabolism burns fat faster without working out. As we age, we tend to gain more fat and lose muscles especially seniors. Hence it becomes essential to be aware of the lifestyle mistakes that slow the metabolism.

Staying home and adapting a new lifestyle will have an effect on your body. What you do in a day can have a significant effect on your metabolism that may result in weight gain. So, if you are trying to stay in shape, having a high metabolism is essential. As we age, we tend to gain more fat and lose muscle that is due to slowed down metabolism. Our lifestyle adds on further lowering our metabolism. Hence it is essential to be aware of these lifestyle mistakes.

Here are the five common lifestyle mistakes that we should refrain from for a better metabolism.

Not eating enough

  1. Not eating enough – It is very important to eat well. Decrease in calorie intake can lower your metabolism. Not eating enough in a day tells your body that there is a shortage of available food. To preserve its reserves, your body will slow the rate at which it metabolites foods. Hence eat well so that your body’s metabolism functions better.




Not enough protein

  1. Not eating enough protein – Protein makes you feel full and increases the rate at which your body burns calories, making it a key element for a better metabolism. A high protein intake will help maintain its shape and keep your metabolism in track.




Skipping exercise

  1.  Skipping exercise – Exercising increases your metabolism as well as muscle mass. Having higher muscle mass increases the number of calories your body will burn. If you don’t burn your fat you will gradually lose muscle mass and this will result in slowed down metabolism. Practicing strength training for just 11 minutes a day, three days a week, will increase your metabolic rates.




Sugary drinks

  1.  Sugary drinks – Excessive consumption of sugary drinks increase fat storage around your belly and liver. This results in lowering your metabolic rate. It is also linked to diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance. Refrain from drinking sugary drink instead opt for something healthy and refreshing.




Quality of sleep

  1. Quality of sleep – Sleeping fewer than four hours a night for five consecutive nights can cause a 2.6 per cent decrease in resting metabolic rates on average, according to one study. Another study showed that disrupting the circadian rhythm, combined with prolonged sleepless nights caused participants metabolic rate to decrease immensely. Not only is poor quality sleep linked to Alzheimer’s and heart attacks but also increases the risk of diabetes, depression and increase in fat storage.


It is important that you eat well and healthy, get enough sleep and do some workout to maintain a better metabolic rate. Don’t let your new lifestyle lower your metabolism. Keep in mind a healthy body will have better immunity to fight any infections that may be around.

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  1. The secret to effortless ageing might be simpler than you think. While we all know that too much sun accelerates the ageing process, and a lack of (beauty) sleep can make the skin look dull and lifeless, there are also a few common lifestyle mistakes or habits you could be repeating daily, that are making you age faster. Steer clear of these, and you’ll be well on your way to slowing down the clock.


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