Monday, October 18, 2021

The Top 20 Most Read Stories on

Here are the 20 most popular stories on our website this year. Take a look at what interests you, dear seniors

1. The Pursuit of Happiness


2. Big Bull rules, still


3. Is it Safe to have Sex in the times of Coronavirus?

4. 8 Ways to Prevent Infections on Flights

5. 10 Rajesh Khanna love songs on his 8th death anniversary



6. F C Kohli, Father of Indian Computer Industry, passes away



7. My Daughter, Kalpana Lajmi



8. Two Countries, Two Lives


9. Where is the World Economy Headed given Covid-19?


10 . Kumaon: God’s Own Country of North India



11. Grandpa Surfing The Net


12. Flashback 1962: What really happened in the India-China War



13. Laughter UnLtd: 20 Hindi Films that will make you Laugh & Be Happy

14. Happy Memories: World Cup 1992, India v/s Pakistan

15. How the British Looted and Plundered India


16. The Centre of the World



17. 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Every Day


18. 11 Superfoods to Build your Immunity in the Rains



19. Seniors need to be extra careful of the Novel Coronavirus


20. Me Iyer, You Iyengar

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